Two Piece Boxes

Overwhelming majority of all those products which are packed in the temporary boxes, are packed in the two piece boxes. After the usage and the consumption of the products, the 2 piece boxes are disposed for the recycling. We, as a common practice, offer the heavy discount upon the supply of 2 piece gift boxes wholesale.


Two piece box is the norm of the printing industry for packing of the products for the temporary packaging. The packaging of almost all the products, sold as the products of daily use, are packed and sold in the two piece boxes. The lower part of the two piece box is used as the tray for placing and packaging the product while the upper part is used to cover the packed product.

Almost all the two piece boxes of temporary nature are made as the disposable boxes. Made with the good quality, soft light weight and durable cardboard or the paper card is used to pack and sell the different products. These are used to pack the shoes, the garments, the decoration products, the products of daily usage, the small things of home consumption and so on.

One major type of the usage of the two piece boxes is as the two piece gift boxes. These 2 piece gift boxes are made and used to deliver the gifts at the different occasions and events. Typically made with the extra fine, glazed and superior quality cardboard, these 2 piece gift boxes are sold at shopping malls or the gift shops. Commonly, these 2 piece gift boxes are made with the window cut in the lid of the boxes. These window cut shapes can be made with the die cut and with differing shapes. The windows of almost all the 2 piece gift boxes are covered with the thin sheet of the synthetic Vinyl plastic sheet which is clear and transparent in nature.

For the bulk supply of 2 piece gift boxes wholesale, you are invited to send the custom details for your packaging requirements so that we may send you the quotations with big discount and reduction in price.

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