Seal End Boxes

When the products are a littler heavier, they need to be protected from the fall out or fall down during the delivery or sale process. So, they are packed and sold in the seal end boxes. These seal end boxes are used to give extra protection to the packed products, packed or stored in these boxes.


If the products are fragile and breakable products, they need to be protected with the strong cardboard and still be packed in the specially designed seal end boxes which can be made in the two piece box style or can have the roll over lid for enclosure. Commonly, the seal end boxes are made in the rectangular form but can be made as the square or cube box as well. The seal end boxes are provided with the seal mechanism at the bottom or side of the boxes to protect the products from fall out. Even the top end can also have the tuck ends for securing the products after their insertion and packaging in the boxes.

Due to the heavy weight or the products, packed in the seal end boxes, strong and durable cardboard is commonly used. Commonly, the thick and light weight cardboard can be applied to make the seal end boxes but Kraft or the corrugated cardboard can also be applied to make the boxes a little stronger.

Window cuts are commonly cut in the boxes to facilitate the customers to have a glimpse upon the packed products. These window cuts can be left open or can be covered with the thin sheet of the Vinyl plastic. The windows can be made of different shapes and sizes by applying the die-cut or by applying the laser technology.

To increase the sale potentials to many folds, the images of the products, packed in the boxes, are printed by applying the bright, eye-catching and glamorous colour blends. Embossing is also applied to give the additional grip of hand upon the boxes.

If you want to secure the supplies of the seal end boxes as per your budget constraints, just inform our marketing team about your bulk and wholesale requirements. Then they will calculate the quotations with big and heavy discounts to make the cheap and low priced supplies for you.

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