Pyramid Boxes

Pyramid boxes are used to pack the different products which require the specifically, beautiful and glamourous packing boxes and styles. Commonly, toys, the decoration pieces, gift items or food items may be used to be packed in the printed pyramid boxes. The pyramid boxes can be used in inverse position with top as open or else.


Pyramid boxes are used in both the positions, such as, the bottom up or bottom down and further the bottom side open or covered. The usage of the pyramid box in different positions depends upon the product which is packed in it. The common most usage of the pyramid boxes is as the pyramid gift boxes to present the gifts upon the different occasions.

When the toys are packed in the pyramid shaped gift box, the bottom position is applied to place the gift in the tray and the pyramid box is place in inverse position to cover the tray. But, if the paper pyramid gift box is used to pack and deliver the popcorns in it, then the bottom up position is applied which is left open. Similarly, if some small home appliance is packed in the box, the straight position can be used with bottom is closed.

To make the best usage of pyramid shaped gift boxes, these are made with the window cuts in the sides of the pyramid boxes which are then covered with the thin sheet of the Vinyl plastic to convert the pyramid box into the display box. To increase the sales impact of the products, packed in the pyramid boxes, the boxes are printed with the images of the products, packed in the pyramid gift boxes.

If you are interested to get the bulk and wholesale supplies of the pyramid shaped gift boxes, you must inform our marketing team about your specific requirements. Then we will analyze, estimate and calculate the rate for your bulk orders. The quotations, sent by us to you, will include the rate along with the carefully calculated heavy and big discounts which are rare in the printing industry.

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