Playing Card Boxes

Being one of the most popular and globally played game, the playing card boxes are used to pack, sell and store the playing card for the long time to come. Made with the thin and light weight cardboard, which is preferably glazed, the playing card boxes are made to remain in use for the long time to come.


Made with the extra fine quality paper card or very thin cardboard, the cardboard playing card boxes are made with the cardboard which is used to make the playing cards. These playing card boxes are made like the sleeve boxes which are inserted with the playing cards from either side. Playing card tuck boxes are used to pack the playing cards in them which can be opened from both ends.

The custom playing card boxes are made with the specific size, which is universally accepted and applied. Most of the playing cards packaging boxes are made with a little hard cardboard and are glazed rather laminated with the very thin and fine quality Vinyl plastic sheet to protect them from the waters or wet hands.

As the playing cards is a man dominated game, the custom printed playing card boxes are printed with CMYK basic colours. The different images of the playing cards images, signs or the other graphical images are used for the printing. Commonly, the images of the men playing the card are applied as the images upon the playing cards boxes. But, the playing card boxes are printed with the same images which are printed upon the playing cards. So, commonly, the playing cards and the boxes for packing and storing the playing cards are printed by one printing company.

If you are interested in the playing cards boxes wholesale, we need your specific requirements. To search for your packaging solutions, we need your specific requirements for the purpose. Then we will analyze, estimate and calculate the rate for the bulk and wholesale supplies of the custom playing card boxes. Being the playing card boxes suppliers, we will provide you the big and heavy discount upon the supplies of bulk and playing cards boxes wholesale.

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