Pillow Boxes

To preserve the softness and the exact shape of the pillows, the pillow boxes are used to pack, sell and then store the pillows for a long time to come. Some of the personalized pillow boxes are made with the soft and light weight cardboard. We also supply the bulk pillow boxes at the heavy and remarkable discounts.


The usage of the pillow boxes for the packing, sale and long term storage by the pillow box purchaser needs the special type of the pillow boxes. If the softness and the shape of the pillows is lost, the pillows may lose their charm to comfort and softness. This is the reason that the pillows are packed in the cardboard pillow boxes to preserve their softness, comfort and compact shape.

If the particularly made and printed pillows are to be used as the pillow gift boxes, the nature, shape, the style and the design of the pillow gift boxes may be totally changed. To craft the cheap pillow boxes, the Kraft pillow boxes may be used to make and pack the pillows. On the other hand, when the pillows are to be used as favor, these are packed in the pillow favor boxes.

When the pillow packaging box is to be used for the presentation of the gifts, they are made with the specially designed and made pillow gift boxes. These pillow gift boxes are made with the soft, thick, relatively hard, white, colored or textured cardboard. Then the pillow gift boxes are printed with the different images of the pillows, person enjoying the comforts of the sleep upon the pillows and so on. The application of the different sober and decent colours are applied to print the pillow boxes.

For the bulk and the wholesale supplies of the pillow boxes, we need to know your requirements for the supply of the pillow boxes before the calculation of estimates and quotations for the bulk and wholesale supplies. Then we will inform you about the discount upon the supply of the pillow boxes. Being the leading professional printing company, we understand the nature and importance of the discounts and offer the big and handsome discounts upon the supply of the wholesale pillow boxes.

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