Mini Popcorn Boxes

The personalized popcorns boxes are used to pack the freshly cooked popcorns. The different styled popcorn boxes are used to pack the popcorns and sell. Commonly, any type of the box with the window cut are used to pack and sell the popcorns.


Popcorns are packed and sold in boxes with varied shapes and sizes. But, the most popular styled popcorn boxes are made like the display boxes, i.e. with window cuts on the sides of the boxes while the top is left intentionally open. Mini popcorn boxes are used to sell the popcorns in small quantity to the end users. For the delivery of the popcorns, common most boxes are semi-pyramid styled boxes with open top. On the contrary, the small popcorn boxes are made with window cuts on one or more sides which are covered with the transparent sheet of Vinyl plastic.

Typically, the personalized popcorn boxes are mostly used to sell the popcorns. These personalized popcorn boxes are made with the handles on the top to carry on the popcorns till the destinations. The handles can be made with the coloured ribbon or the thread which are made with the silk or the synthetic material. But, to deliver the popcorn in large quantity, the bigger boxes with the window cuts in large sizes are applied.

The mini popcorn boxes are printed with the images of the freshly baked popcorns and the different people enjoying the popcorns. These images of the food products and the human faces are printed with the real life colour blends. Some of the high quality popcorn boxes are either embossed or are printed with raised colour or inks.

If you are seeking the custom popcorn boxes wholesale, you must attend to the call from sales team and inform them with your specific requirements. Then our team will calculate the quotations and the discounts upon the bulk and custom popcorn boxes wholesale. We are known as the major discount providers to the bulk and wholesale buyers which is heavy and handsome.

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