Mailer Boxes

Delivery of the documents or the books to the destinations has been a tedious and complicated problem. To solve the problem, the custom mailer boxes are used which are made with the high quality and water proof cardboard. The cardboard mailer boxes are made as the flap lid style boxes and can be used to deliver and store the documents for a long time to come.


One of the major problems for the office communication is the delivery of the documents to the other offices in safe and bulk quantity. When the large number of documents are to be delivered at distant offices, the custom mailer boxes are used. These cardboard mailer boxes are made with the superior quality, hard and strong cardboard which is wetness and water proof in nature. Corrugated mailer boxes are the ideal ones for the safe and secure deliver of the documents to the far ends. The corrugated boxes also resist the shock, moisture, the heat and the other environmental damages. These cardboard mailer boxes can also be used to deliver and send company printed stationary items, the calendars, the diaries and so on.

Like the bulk documents, the book and the magazine sellers also use the custom literature mailer for the dispatch of the books and magazines to the customers. These mailer boxes are made as the six corner boxes with the perfect style to protect the books, documents, magazines, the high valued products, the antique items and so on.

These cardboard mailer boxes can be printed with the logo of the dispatcher, the address of the sender and other communication details. The instructions to return the boxes to the sender, if delivery upon the destination is not successful, are also printed.

If you want the bulk and mailer boxes wholesale, you must send the details and specification for your requirements. Then we will analyze and calculate the rate and the discounts upon the literature mailer wholesale. The heavy and big discounts offered by us will reduce your cost and will bring the purchase within your budgets.

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