Hexagon Boxes

Due to the specific and beautiful presentable look of the hexagon packaging boxes, these cardboard made boxes are used for packing and delivering the small and high value products, such as, the jewelry or gifts. Due to the specific shape and design, the hexagon box packaging are made as the 2 piece boxes with separate lid.


Hexagon box is made as the 2 piece boxes with separable lid. Due to the technicalities, the hexagon box cannot be made as the flap lid. The extra beautiful look and the shape makes the hexagon box packaging an ideal shape for the packing and sale of the small products of high value and worth. These hexagon packaging boxes are commonly used for the packaging of the jewelry items, the small decoration products, food products or for the presentation of the gifts upon the various occasions.

Primarily crafted with the good quality, thin, soft and light weight cardboard, the hexagon packaging boxes are commonly made with the window cut in the lid of the boxes. This window cut is either left open or is covered with the clear and thin sheet of the Vinyl or the PVC plastic.

When used as the hexagon gift boxes, these glazed or laminated boxes are printed with the high resolution, rich and dense colour blends and combinations with sparkling touch. The custom hexagon gift boxes can be printed as per the nature or requirements of the occasion.

If the hexagon packaging boxes are to be applied to pack the jewelry, these boxes may be made with the gold or silver foil material. To increase the beauty of the hexagon cardboard boxes, these are embossed, debossed or are printed with the raised inks or colours. The gold or silver foil boxes are printed with the screen printing and are embossed artistically.

When you are contacting us for the supply of hexagon boxes wholesale, we will need your requirements for the bulk and wholesale supplies. Then we will estimate and send you the quotations with the heavy and big discounts which will make your supplies much cheaper.

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