Hang Tab Boxes

To hang the products for display on shelves of shopping malls and retail shop counters, the hang tab boxes are made with the hook hang tabs with a small hole in the tab to hang over with the nail at the wall of rack. To attract the clients, the printed hang tab boxes are printed with the images of the products, packed in these boxes.


As some of the products need the proper display for their sale, hang tab boxes are packed in the boxes which can be hanged on the walls of the shopping malls and stores with the hang tab. For their hanging on the walls of the stores, retail hang tabs are made as the single piece with the hang tab and a small hole for hanging on the nail. These hang tab boxes are usually made for the display and hanging of the cosmetic, food or other small retail products for the daily usage.

Retail tab boxes are made with the durable and strong cardboard which can be made with the light weight and still with the corrugated white cardboard materials. These retail hang tabs made at the upper part of the box with a small hole to hang the box at the nail at the wall. Typically, these hang tab boxes made as the reverse tuck ends to prevent the products, packed in them, from falling down when they are hanged upon the walls.

Most of the hang tab boxes are made with the window cut in the boxes to facilitate the customers to have a peep upon the products, packed in these retail hang tab boxes. To boast the sales impact, whole the box, including the hook hang tabs, are printed with the images of the products, packed in the boxes. To increase the impact of the products upon the customers, the bright and the hot colour blends can be applied to attract the attention of the customer.

If you are interested in buying the custom hook hang tabs boxes, while remaining in your budget restraints, we can solve your printing issues. When we will calculate the quotations for you for the bulk and wholesale supplies of the hang tab boxes, we will offer so heavy and big discounts that will convert these boxes into the cheap and low priced hang tab boxes.

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