Handle Boxes

Handle boxes are used for the numerous purposes, such as, to pack the products to keep the purchased product in the straight form and to make it easier and comfortably to carry the products, packed in them, to the destination. Handle packaging is made with the various types of the handles, such as, the window cut on the sides of the boxes or the ones made with ribbon or thread, attached at the top.


Most of the handle boxes are made with the purposes to keep the sold product in straight form and to make it easier and comfortable for the buyer to take it to the destinations. Typically, three major usages of the handle boxes are made, commonly. First usage of the handle boxes is to sell the food and bakery baked products to carry the corrugated boxes with handle to the destinations. The second usage of the handle boxes is to present the gifts at the occasions of wedding, birthdays and so on. The third and the most widely applied usage of the cardboard box handles is to pack and deliver the daily or specific shopping items and to deliver the shopping products to the end users.

The handles are made either by cutting the small windows at the sides of the boxes and the fingers are inserted into these windows to lift the box. Alternatively, the handles, crafted with the bright and shining colored fabric ribbon or with the synthetic material, sheet or the thread.

The gift boxes with handles are used to pack the gifts and present at the occasion of the weddings, engagements, birthdays and so on. Made with the good quality and light weight cardboard, these are made with the handle at the top to carry the gift pack to the destination and present.

If you are willing to buy the cheap and small priced handle boxes, attend to the call from our marketing team and inform them of your specifications. They will, immediately, send you the quotation for the bulk and wholesale supply of handle boxes, and still at the heavy and big discount.

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