Hair Extensions Boxes

The hair extension packaging boxes are designed and crafted to pack, sell and then preserve the hair extension for the long time to come. This is the reason that custom printed hair extension boxes are made with the superior quality, soft and humidity proof cardboard and are printed with the real life colour blends.


Being one of the most sensitive and the delicate part of the human body, the  hair are prone to high risks of damage from the heat, dust, dirt, the chemical fumes, industrial smoke, humidity and all other environmental pollutants. This is why; to pack, sell and store the hair extensions, the specially designed and crafted hair extension packaging is used. Made with the thick, Krafted or soft cardboard to resists all sorts of the pollutions and heat, the hair extensions boxes are expected to be used for a long time to come.

Commonly, made as the 2 piece boxes with replaceable lid, the hair extension packaging boxes are made with the long and slender shape. Almost all the hair extension packaging boxes are made with the window cut in the lid of the boxes to display the condition of the packed hair extensions. These window cuts are made with different shapes, styles and sizes and are cut with the die cut. To protect the packed hair extensions, these window cuts are covered with the thin and clear synthetic Vinyl plastic sheet with the see through facility.

To make these hair extension boxes more and more attractive to see and use, these are printed with the images of the hair, hair styles, hair extensions and the beautiful women with such hair extensions. CMYK basic colours or the real life colour blends are applied to print these images and text.

For the supply of the bulk and hair extension boxes wholesale, we need your pre-requisites for the bulk and wholesale requirements. Then we prepare the quotations and estimations about the supply of the bulk and wholesale hair extension and you will be informed about the heavy and remarkable discounts, we will extend to you. These discounts will convert your bulk ordered hair extension packaging boxes in to the cheap but still the superb quality boxes.

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