Gold Foil Boxes

For the packing and delivery of the jewelry or other gift products, the specially made gold foil boxes are used. Made with the gold foil material, these custom printed gold foil boxes are printed with the images and text, artistically and tastefully, by applying the globally known, screen printing or the embossing.


When you are packing the gold jewelry or the diamond sets, what you desire is the high priced and luxury styled gold foil boxes to pack and deliver the valuables. Similarly, when you are packing some gift items upon the wedding event or the engagement, you are required the most appropriate type of the gold foil gift boxes. These custom gold foil boxes can either be made with the gold foil material or the golden coloured cardboard is used to make these gold foil boxes. But, the gold foil boxes are preferred to pack and store the gold jewelry if the jewelry is to be stored for the long time as gold foil material protects the gold jewelry from the environmental pollutants and hazards.

These gold foil packaging boxes can be made with any shape or style but traditionally, the flap lid or two piece boxes are preferred. But, the choice of the gold foil boxes depends upon the type of the jewelry or the gift. Many other shapes, such as, the hexagonal and two piece boxes are preferred to be made in any size. Traditionally, many of the gold foil boxes are made as the handle boxes, that is, these boxes are made with the window cuts in the sides of the boxes which are used to carry the boxes.

To enhance the looking worth of the gold foil packaging boxes, these boxes are printed with the screen printing technique or alternatively, the raised inks are applied for the purpose. Embossing and debossing are also widely and commonly applied to make the gold foil boxes more and more striking and stunning to see.

For the gold foil boxes wholesale, we are known in whole the printing industry for the big and heavy discounts. These discounts converts these gold foil boxes into the cheap and low priced boxes.

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