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Celebrating the occasions & the events and without gifts is difficult to imagine. The follow the gift presentation norms of the society, the custom gift boxes are the needs of every society and culture. The cardboard gift boxes of every standard, the style, size and worth are printed by us to facilitate your celebration of event.


To celebrate every personal, family and social event and without the gift is even impossible to think. In the past, the gift presentation was the tedious job as we had to search for the appropriately sized box, pack the gift in it, had to wrap the box with feasible gift paper and then present it. Now, the custom gift boxes have solved the problem! Simply; go to market, select and purchase the appropriate gift and get the complimentary gift box. Pack the gift in it and present. So, now the gift boxes have solved the specific issue of presenting the gift in a stylish and luxurious way.

The custom gift boxes are crafted with the exceptional high quality cardboard which is either textures, colored, white, shining, glazed or laminated. If you want to present the gift in a luxurious style, the gold of silver foiled material is used to make the luxurious styled gift boxes. Commonly, the 2 piece boxes are used to pack and deliver the gifts but some of the gift boxes are made with flap lid styled boxes.

Custom printed gift boxes are printed with the images, relating to the event for which gift is being packed. For the printing of the images and text upon the gift boxes, the suitable colour, matching the event, are used. The most popular colour blend is the real life or hot color combinations. If you want to present the large gifts, the large gift boxes are also available at our place.

If you want the bulk gift boxes and still at the discounts, the solution is simple. Send your specification or requirements for your gift boxes and we will inform you about the maximum discount which can be provided to you. The real positon is that we provide the highest discounts upon the wholesale and bulk gift boxes.

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