Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are triangular shaped boxes which are flat from the bottom but narrowed upward and adopts the shape of the handle at top. As the printed gable boxes are used to pack and deliver the food, grocery and other products of daily usage, they are appropriately printed with the images of the products for which they are to be used.


Traditionally, the gable boxes are used to replace the old fabric bags which were used to carry the items of daily consumption in near past. The gable boxes are made in the shape of the triangle which are flat from the bottom but adopts the shape of the handle at the top. So, the seller can pack the products in such bags and can handover them to the buyer who takes control of the gable boxes with the handle shaped box at top to carry the products easily. In some instances, these gable boxes are made with the soft and sturdy cardboard or paper card of the Kraft nature, but sometimes, the corrugated cardboard is also used to make the gable boxes. Commonly gable boxes are made with the auto bottom lock but some of the boxes can come as the seal end as well.

Typically, the printed gable boxes are used to pack and sell the general products of daily consumption by the shopping malls or the grocery stores. But, their major usage is made by the food suppliers who pack and sell the freshly baked products in them and deliver to the end users. Mostly, fresh food bakers and confectioners apply these boxes for the delivery of the freshly cooked foods and eatables as these are made with the food grade paper card. Further, when these gable boxes are closed, the top lid of the boxes becomes a handle which facilitate the buyer to carry the products to the destinations.

If you are willing to buy the bulk and wholesale quantities of the printed gable boxes, attend to the call from our marketing people and inform them about your gable box requirements. So, they will analyze your requirements, estimate and calculate the quotations for you. The quotations will be prepared upon the calculation for the big and heavy discount for the bulk and wholesale supplies to you.

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