French Fry Boxes

To pack the most popular and widely applied food products, the French fry boxes are used by most of the bakers, the confectioner, other French fry out lets and many of the fresh food sellers. Made as the semi-pyramid shape, these French fry boxes wholesale can be provided by us at the heavy and remarkable discounts.


The French fry boxes are used by many of the restaurants, the French fry out lets, the restaurants offering the French fries and so on. These French fry boxes are made as the shape of the semi-pyramid with open top. To make the French fry boxes, the soft and food grade cardboard of higher quality is mostly applied. To make the best French fry boxes, the thin, light weight and glazed cardboard is mostly applied.

To make the French fries, more and more, mouth-watering and lucrative in nature, one or more sides of the French fry boxes are cut to make the window. These windows are covered with the thin and transparent sheet of Vinyl or PVC plastic. As the hot French fries are packed in the boxes, it becomes difficult for most of the persons to carry the French fry boxes in open hands, the French fry boxes are commonly made with the handles on top to carry the French fries to the destination.

To increase the sales impact of the French fries boxes, the French fries boxes are printed beautifully with the images of the French fries, the other products related to the French fries and even other food dishes offered by the retail out let. The images of the French fries and dishes are made with the real life colours or the CMYK basic colours. But, the text and other graphic designs can be printed with the hot and bright colour blends.

If you want the bulk and wholesale supplies of the French fries, we are one of the leading French fries boxes supplier and know the norms for the printing. Just inform us with your requirements and we will provide the quotations for the supplies along with the heavy and big discounts, converting the French fries into the cheap ones.

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