Four Corner Trays

The four corner trays are made by folding inward the four corners of the cardboard made tray. Then these four inverted corners of the tray, made the trays the strong enough to place and display the products in them which are heavy and need the additional corner strength.


When the shopping malls, the street corner stores, grocery stores, sweet shops or the bakers need the trays to display the bulk quantities to display, the custom four corner trays are used. These trays are made with the additionally long four corners which are folded inside, to make the corners of the trays more and more strong to sustain the weight of the displayed products. When the four corners of the trays are to be strengthened with the long corners, these corners will also make the walls doubled as well, making them extra strong.

Custom four corner trays are made with the strong and hard cardboard. If four corner trays are to be used to pack and display the food products in the shopping malls, grocery stores or at the bakers’ shops, the food grade cardboard is required by law be used to craft the four corner trays. If the food products are to be displayed in the four corner trays, the cardboard to make the trays must be glazed in order to protect the food products from extra gloss finish.

To use the walls of the trays to promote the product, the walls of the trays are printed with the images of the products, displayed in such trays. These images of the food or other products may be printed upon the walls of the trays. For the printing of the food or other products, the CMYK basic colours or the hot and bright colours may be applied; again depending upon the nature of the products.

If you want the four corner trays in bulk or wholesale quantities, you may get these supplies with big discounts as well which will convert these trays into the cheap four corner trays.

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