Four Corner Cake Boxes

The major problem of the bakers to deliver the cakes is to pack these cakes into the boxes which are air tight to keep the cakes fresh, tasty and in the best form and shape. For the purpose, the four corner cake boxes are applied with locks at the bottom while their flap lid covers the boxes from sides to keep the boxes fresh.


The 4 corner cakes boxes are used to pack the cakes in the boxes which can be locked at the bottom. These custom four corner cake boxes are made with the flap lid to cover the boxes from top, converting the cake boxes into completely air tight ones. As the dust, dirt, smoke, humidity and other environmental hazards are the worst enemy of the cakes and other freshly baked food products, the high quality food grade cardboard is applied to make the boxes to preserve the cakes. This is the reason that bakers pack the cakes in the 4 corner cake boxes.

To increase the appetize of the cake purchasers, the cake boxes are made with the window cuts which are covered with the thin and transparent Vinyl or PVC plastic sheet. These window cuts can be made in any shape or size. Some of the cake boxes can be made with the handle to keep the cake box in straight form.

To increase the sale impact of the cakes, the 4 corner cake boxes are printed with the images of the cakes and the other products, baked at the bakers shop. The images of the cakes and other food can be printed with the real life colour blends while the images of the other graphical designs and text can be printed with the bright, sharp, shining and hot colour combinations.

If you want to buy the custom four corner cake boxes at the reduced price, you may come into contact with our team and inform them about your requirements. Then we will calculate quotations for your supplies along with the big and heavy discounts which will convert your supplies within your budgeted constraints.

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