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The presentation folders are a part of the stationary pack for the corporate offices. For the custom folder printing, company specific colours, size, the style and the text are employed. For the custom folder printings, the superb quality paper card is applied which is refined, soft and light weight.


The presentation folders are a must part of the stationary packs which are used for the numerous purposes. The presentation folders may be used for the various purposes, such as, to present the briefing to the top management, to submit the business plan to the business partners, to suggest the sale plan to the vendors and so on. The custom presentation folders are typically printed with the soft, paper card material, the usage of the company profile colours, the printing of the company logo, the name of the company and its address along with the communication details. These company presentation folders are made as the two page folder which are made with the internal pockets in which the documents are inserted.

As the custom folder printing is a specific styled printing task, this is done as per the requirements of the company stationary package as the different companies require the different printing styles. For the purpose of the custom folder printing, all the details and requirements for the custom presentation folders are approved by the company top management and then the plan is handed over to the stationary department for the printing. Business folders printing is totally different from those folders which are used for the company presentation folders.

If you want the custom folder printing and still at the low price, attend to the call from our marketing advisers and inform them about your specific requirements. Then, they will send you the quotations and the estimations for your bulk and wholesale printing tasks along with the discounts. After the discounts upon the bulk and the wholesale printing, company presentation folders and the business folders printing will be converted into the reduced price presentation folder and still the quality and the standards will remain the same.

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