Favor Boxes

Favour boxes are used to pack and deliver the gifts upon the occasion of wedding or other such functions. These custom favour boxes are made with special design to deliver the different types, styles and sizes of gifts. Commonly, these favour boxes are made with the superior quality, light weight, white, coloured or textured cardboard.


Gone are the days when the gifts were delivered in the ordinary shabby looking cardboard boxes which were then wrapped in the gift paper and were delivered. After the innovation of favour boxes, now, the presentation of the gifts is a simple task. Just go the gift shop, purchase the gifts, pack them in the favour gift boxes, place the favor greeting card in them and deliver the gift.

Most of the favor boxes are made as the cardboard favor boxes which are made with the gift quality, thin, soft, glazed and light weight cardboard. Some of the favor boxes are made as the Kraft favor boxes which are made with the thick, soft, light weight, grooved or ribbed Kraft paper card which is in fact the recycled material. Some other favor gift boxes are made with the white corrugated cardboard which can be printed as well.

If you want the favour box to be wasted and disposed for the recycling, then the Kraft or the corrugated cardboards are applied to make these favour boxes. But, if you like these boxes as the reminder of the favour, then the extra fine quality favour gift boxes are applied. To beautify the favour gift boxes to resemble the occasion, the favour boxes are printed as per the event. So, different favour boxes are printed for the different events, such as, for the wedding, engagement, birth days, the father day, the mother day and so on.

If you want the bulk printed favour boxes, then you have clicked the right website. We provide the wholesale favour boxes at the big and heavy discount. As we are the professional company with extensive experience in the printing services, we transfer major part of our saving in the printing task and return the same to the client as the discount on wholesale favour boxes. This makes the supplies to the client a cheaper and low priced ones.

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