Eyeliner Boxes

Two types of the eyeliner packaging boxes are used to pack the eyeliners. One type of the pencil or pen styled eyeliners are packed in different styled boxes while the other type of the eyeliner boxes are used to pack and deliver the eyeliners which are packed in the bottles or the canisters. Both the custom printed eyeliner boxes are printed by applying the hot colour combinations.


Typically, the eyeliner is a cosmetic items which is either made like the pencil and pen or are packed in the liquid form in the small glass bottles or metal canisters. The eyeliner packaging for both the types of the eyeliners are differently made. Typically, the eyeliner is a retail product which are sold by one unit to each customers or so. The eyeliners are a product which is sold over the counter after seeing the product. So, the eyeliners are packed in the display like boxes.

The eyeliner display boxes are commonly made with the big window cut in the lid of the boxes which are either left open or are covered with the thin and transparent synthetic sheet of Vinyl plastic with see through provision. To increase the sales worth of the eyeliners, the eyeliner boxes are printed with the images of the human eyes after application of the eyeliners of the beautiful and gorgeous women and girls. For the printing of the eyeliner boxes, the bright, hot and sparkling colour blends are applied to appeal to the women cosmetic purchasers.

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