Eye Shadow Boxes

Being one of the commonest and the widely applied cosmetic products, the eye shadow packaging is made with the glazed, super fine and humidity proof small boxes. These eye shadow packaging boxes are either crafted to pack the individual eye shadow for retail sale as single unit or are packed in the bunch to sale one unit at a time to the retail customers.


The eye shadows are one of the common most and prime cosmetic products which are sold like the hot cakes at the cosmetic stores or the shopping malls. Due to the small size of the eye shadow stick or the canister, two types of the packaging boxes are used for the purpose. In one type of the eye shadow box, one eye shadow is packed and sold at a time. While other eye shadow box is used to pack and deliver the eye shadow as retail sale where one unit is sold at a time to the end users by the retailer.

As the eye shadow is a product which is sold over the counter after its inspection and visual display, these retail packaging of the eye shadows are made with the window cut in the lid to display the quality and the brands of the eye shadows. For the further display, the eye shadow box is printed with the attractive and eye-catching images of the eyes with the eye shadows and the different women with the eye shadow in the eyes. Like all the other cosmetic products, the custom printed eye shadow box is printed with the bright, rich and dense colours. Like all other cosmetic products, the embossing and debossing are the norms of the cosmetic printing industry. To enhance the touch of the hands effects, the raised inks and colours are also applied for the printing of the images and the text.

To estimate your printing needs and requirements for the bulk and the wholesale supplies, we ask for your specifications for the bulk supplies and then we send you the quotations. When we provide the bulk and the wholesale supplies of the cosmetic products packaging, we offer the huge and marvelous discount which is rare in the printing industry.

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