Envelopes Printing

The custom envelopes are used for the delivery of all the types of the documents and cards. The documents and the cards are inserted into the envelopes and are delivered. Due the importance of the envelopes, the business envelopes printing has occupied the pivotal position in the printing industry.


Envelopes are used for the delivery of the different types of the personal & official documents, card, memos and so on. Basically, for the different usages, the different styled envelopes are applied. The custom envelopes for the business communication are entirely different from those used for the personal communication. Business envelope printing is significantly different from that of the personalized envelopes. The business envelopes are printed upon the very simple preferably white paper and are printed with the logo of the company, the name, address and the communication details of the corporate office of the company. Contrary to that, personal communication envelopes are printed upon the white of coloured envelopes which are printed with the images or text. Some of envelopes for the personal communication and non-formal communication are printed with the raised inks or colours as well.

Commonly, the company profile colour is applied for the business envelope printing. But, for the personal envelopes or non-business envelopes, the multi-colours may be used. For the printing on the envelopes, the different images or the colours are mostly applied. For the printing of the different cards, commonly, the envelopes are made in different sizes and styles. Some of the business envelopes are made with the window in the envelopes to display the inner details of the documents.

If you are willing to get the bulk and wholesale supplies of the envelope printing, we will ask for the details and the requirements for the same. Then we will estimate and calculate the quotations for you. We are known around the globe for the heavy and substantial discounts for the customized printing. With the heavy discounts, the custom envelopes will be converted into the cheap and low priced envelopes. All the discounts will be admissible but still the quality will be maintained.

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