Double Wall Tuck Front

When you are willing to pack some products, which are heavier in weight, you may need the double wall tuck front boxes. These boxes are made with the double walls, making the box to sustain the heavy weight of the products, and still with the tuck front to close and save the product inside the strong box.


Due to the heavier size of some of the products, the relatively stronger boxes with double walls are needed to pack and sell the products. As the double wall tuck front boxes are made with the double walls, these boxes are used to pack the products of heavier weight, such as, the metal products, metal jewelry, the small home appliances, the grocery items, the baker food products and so on. Then, additional protection is provide by the tuck front lid which is also made with the side walls and the front tuck. The side flaps of the lid of the custom double wall tuck front box are also inserter in between the side walls, further strengthening the side double walls while the front tuck of the lid is used to strengthen the front wall of the box.

Commonly, the double wall tuck front boxes are made with the strong, durable and hard cardboard which is still light weight. These double wall cardboard boxes are used extensively for the delivery and sale of the industrial and auto parts sale.

To increase the sales potential of the products, packed in the custom double wall tuck front box, we, as the printing services providing company, print with the images of the products, packed in the boxes, the different applications of the products, the price, the product general descriptions and the people enjoying with the products. For the printing of the images, we apply the bright and dazzling colours which appeals to the customers a lot.

Now if you are interested in the bulk and wholesale supplies of the double wall cardboard boxes, we will calculate the quotations for the supplies for you. In the quotations, we will include the heavy and the substantial discounts to make the supplied boxes, the cheaper ones.

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