Double Wall Tray

Some of the products are required to be placed and presented for sale in the custom double wall tray. These double wall trays are crafted in such a design that their walls are made a little higher and then are folded inward to convert the walls of the trays in double ones. These trays are used to pack and deliver the products which are heavy in weight, size and width.


When you have to place and display some of the products of bigger size and of heavier weight, you need special type of the double wall trays. The custom double wall tray is made in such a style and design that its walls are double the height of the normal tray. Then these are folded inward to make the wall double which increases the strength of the walls and ultimately the strength of the trays is also increased. Commonly, the shopping malls, the retail shops, the bakers and the food confectioners make the heavy usage of these double wall trays.

Custom double wall tray is used to place and display the products of bigger size, such as, the metal products, the food products, the freshly baked bakery products, small metal products and so on. Though, for the double wall trays, the thicker, stronger, a little hard and durable cardboard is used, but still the main strength of the double wall trays lies in the designs which converts whole the load of the trays upon the walls. So, the walls of the trays are made double to sustain the pressure of the products placed in these trays.

To appeal to the visitors, the walls of the custom double walls of the trays are printed with the images of the products which are placed and displayed for sale. Typically, the images of the products are printed with the real life colour blends. Some of the text may be printed with the bright, sparkling and glowing colour combinations.

To provide you with the low and reduced priced double wall trays, we will analyze your specifications and then the quotations for the double wall tray wholesale will be calculated for you. The heavy and remarkable discounts, offered by us, will convert the double wall trays in the cheap double wall trays.

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