Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes

The double locked wall lid boxes are utilized to pack and sell the products which are of heavier nature and need the strong walls for the secure packaging of the products. The double locked wall lid boxes are made with the strong and still light weight cardboard which is preferably wet proof in nature.


When you need the extra protection for the packaging and sale of the products which are heavier and weighty in nature and need the extra strong walls of the boxes to sustain their weight, the double locked wall lid boxes are used. These boxes are made with a little longer and foldable walls which are folded inward to convert the box into the double wall boxes. Then the lid of the boxes with additional protected flaps on the sides and front are flipped down and the flaps of the lid are inserted into the grooves between the folded double walls making the walls stronger.

Commonly, made with the superior quality cardboard, these double wall lid boxes are made with the display window cut in order to facilitate the end users to peep into the box and to have the glimpse of the packed product. These display window are cut by applying the die-cuts in the lids or by applying the laser technology. These window cuts are either left open or are covered with the thin sheet of transparent Vinyl plastic. These double locked wall lid boxes are printed, tastefully, with the hot and dazzling colour combinations.

For the bulk and wholesale supplies of the double locked wall lid boxes, when we calculate the rate for the supplies, we include the big and heavy discounts into the quotations which will convert these wholesale boxes into the cheap and low priced boxes.

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