Custom Candle Boxes

Being the delicate product, the candles are packed and sold in the candle packaging boxes which are made with the light weight, thick, grooved and ribbed cardboard to protect them from the scorching heat which may melt the candles. To make the candle packaging boxes more stylish and elegant, custom printed candle packaging boxes are printed with the bright, glowing and sparkling colour blends.


Due to the reason that the cardboard has the natural tendency and proficiency to control and absorb the scorching heats of the summers, the cardboard candle boxes are made with the thick, soft, grooved and ribbed cardboard. As the recycled cardboard has more heat resisting ability, the Kraft candle boxes are commonly used to protect the candles from the melting. The natural beauty of the candles, packed in the beautiful boxes, converts them into the gift pack for the various occasions and the events. This is the reason that the candle gift boxes are made with exceptional design and beauty.

To make the candle boxes worth presentation as the candle gift boxes, these candle boxes are cut with the window of different shapes and sizes. These window cuts may be covered with the thin, clear and transparent synthetic Vinyl plastic sheet with the see through facility. To make the candle gift boxes worth presentation, the beautifully made in an attractive shaped and brightly coloured single candle may be packed in one candle box or a bunch of the candles, made with the different colours, may be packed in the single candle pack with window to see the colourful spectrum.

To make the candle boxes more and more beautiful and gorgeous looking, these candle gift boxes are printed with the different images and decorations with candles or the children playing with the candles. For the printing of the images, designs and text, the bright, high resolution and dense colour blends may be applied.  Embossing, debossing and the application of the raised inks are applied frequently to make the candle boxes more and more beautiful.

If you are seeking the cheap and still high quality candle boxes, you are advised to contact our marketing team for the quotations and they will instantly send you the same for the candle boxes wholesale. When you will get the wholesale printing from us, you will also enjoy the big and lucrative discount which is rare in the global printing industry.

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