Custom Archive Boxes

Cardboard is considered as the best absorbent of heat and humidity. So, to protect the paper documents from their worst natural enemies, the humidity, chemical fumes and the scorching heat, cardboard made custom printed archive boxes are widely used to pack and seal paper documents for a long time to come. Archive boxes are applied to store and protect these paper document for a long time, even for decades or centuries.


Due to the natural and built-in tendency, cardboard is used to protect the products against the humidity, the dust, dirt, the chemical fumes, smoke and even against all sorts of the industrial pollutants. So, the archive boxes, made with the high quality, soft, thick, grooved and ribbed cardboard, Kraft paper which is preferably made with the recycled material, is used to pack, store and save the paper documents. So, the custom archive boxes, made with recycled material, are commonly applied to solve the packaging solutions of storing the documents, such as, the real estate, legal or the other governmental and corporate paper documents. These cardboard archive storage boxes are mostly in application in the courts of law, real estate offices, the historical departments, libraries and even the educational institutions.

Some of the institutions or the authorities use to store and preserve the high value historical products or the documents, apply these cardboard archive storage boxes as the custom packaging products. Though custom packaging products don’t require the formal printing but still some basic type of the printing is applied upon them to make them to select and apply the most appropriate type of the box for the storage of the paper documents. Majority of the governmental and historical authorities prefer rather demand the cheap archive boxes which are strong and still up to the standard. To make the cheap archive boxes, the usage of the recycled cardboard is the best option.

As majority of the governmental and the other authorities demand the archive boxes wholesale, they also demand the archive boxes at the big discount and at the lesser price. This is why; majority of the entities, seeking the high quality but still the cheap archive boxes, contact us for the supply of the very high quality and still low priced archive boxes wholesale.

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