Cupcake Boxes

To pack and sell the cupcakes, particularly designed cupcake boxes are used which are made with the cardboard separator in between the packed cupcakes. To preserve the taste, fragrance and aroma of freshly baked and packed cupcakes, the cardboard cupcake packaging is applied.


Being the prime and the most selling bakery food product, the cupcakes are packed in the cupcake boxes which are designed to preserve the taste and aroma of the cupcakes for the long time to come. As the cardboard is an ideal and the best type of the heat and humidity absorber, commonly the good and food grade cardboard cupcake boxes are used to pack and deliver the cupcakes to the end users. For the cupcake box packaging, thin, light weight and glazed cardboard of food grade cardboard is applied.

Commonly, more than one cupcakes are packed in the cupcake packaging which are separated with the cardboard separators to keep the cupcakes separate from each other in order to preserve their shape. Some of the high quality cupcakes are packed, in the single or twin mini cupcake boxes. Commonly, the cupcakes are packed in the window cupcake boxes which are covered with the thin sheet of clear and see through Vinyl plastic to protect the cupcakes from the dust, dirt, flies, germs and from the humidity as well.

To make the cupcakes more and more popular and to increase the mouth-watering effects of the cupcakes, the custom printed cupcake packaging boxes are printed with the images of the different types and shapes of the cupcakes in the real life color packaging. For the printing of the text and the designs, the cupcakes boxes, bright and sharp colour blends are applied.

If you are willing to get the cupcake boxes in bulk and wholesale supplies, call our marketing team and inform them about your custom requirements. Then they will instantly send you the quotation, addressing your particular needs and requirements for the supplies of cupcake boxes along with the big and unique discount which is rare in the printing industry.

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