Cosmetic Display Boxes

Cosmetic display boxes are made with the display like boxes, i.e. with the window cut, with or without coverage with the thin sheet of see-through Vinyl plastic. These cosmetic boxes are preferably made with the thin, light weight cosmetic grade cardboard. The window cut to display the packed cosmetics are made indifferent shapes and sizes.


Almost all the cosmetic and other fashion related products fall into the ‘sold over the counter’ category. So, the cosmetic products are commonly made with the window cut or the display window to show the cosmetic products packed in and available for sale. These cosmetic display boxes can be used to pack and sell one type of the cosmetic products or the different products of the same brand can be packed for sale. With the advancement of the cosmetic industry, now the cosmetics industry has adopted the approach of the using the cosmetic display boxes. The window cut display in the lid helps the purchaser of the cosmetics to see and examine the products and decide to buy the products.

Commonly, the custom cosmetic packaging boxes are made with the thin, light weight and soft cardboard which is either white, coloured or multi-coloured. Preference is given to the eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes which may be disposed in the dust bins and can be recycled, easily, to avoid the environmental pollutants.

Being one of the leading cosmetic box packaging suppliers, we understand the specific printing requirements of the cosmetic packaging supplies as per the market trend and the end user preference. These cosmetic display boxes are printed beautifully to make these products more and more eye-catching. The mages of the stunning and good-looking ladies and women are printed with the real life colour blends while the images of the cosmetic products are printed with the bright and striking colour combinations.

If you are willing to buy the cheap cosmetic boxes of superior quality, you are invited to send your requirements to our team and they will send you the quotations of the bulk and wholesale cosmetic packaging supplies and still with the heavy and huge discounts.

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