Cookie Boxes

Cookie boxes are universally used by the bakers and the cookie manufacturing companies for the packaging and the sale of the cookies. The specially designed and made cookie boxes are made with the food grade cardboard, with handle and in some cases and with the window cut in the lid to display the freshly baked and tasty cookies.


Bakers, in all corners of the World, use the cookie boxes to pack and sell the delicate cookies. To preserve the freshness, crispness and the fragrance of the high quality cookies, the special food grade, thin, soft and light weight cardboard, glazed form one side, are used. As the cookies are sold over the counter type of product, they are packed in the window cookie boxes. These window cookie boxes are made with the window cut in the lid of the cookie boxes in order to display their freshness and shape. These window cuts are commonly covered with the clear and see through Vinyl plastic sheet.

For the delivery of high quality and brand cookies, the white cookie boxes are commonly used. But, if the freshly baked cookies are to be sold which are a little warm, the Kraft cookie boxes are used which are made with the thick, soft and heat absorbing and controlling cardboard.

To make the cookie boxes personalized printed cookie boxes more beautiful and stylish, these boxes are printed with the images of the freshly baked food and eatable products, baked by the bakers. For the printing of the images of the food and eatable products, the real life colour blends are applied while for the other graphics and the text, the hot and bright colour combinations can be used. Some of the cookie boxes are printed with the raised inks and colours which increases the touch of hands effects.

As one of the leading printing professional company, we understand the printing process and can offer the big and handsome discounts upon the supply of the bulk and wholesale cookie boxes. These lucrative discounts can convert the bulk and wholesale cookie boxes into the cheaper ones which ultimately affects the price of the cookies as well.

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