Coffee Boxes

Being the very sensitive and delicate food product, the coffee packaging is made in the superior quality food grade cardboard which is thin, soft, light weight and glazed in order to protect the coffee from the humidity and heat. Custom printed coffee packaging boxes are printed with the images of the coffee and it plants with real life colour blends.


Coffee boxes are a special type of the food packaging box which is made with the superior and safe food grade cardboard. The cardboard coffee box is made and particularly used to protect and preserve the taste, aroma and fragrance of the coffee from the heat, humidity and other environmental hazards. To preserve the quality, eminence and the worth of the coffee, the coffee packaging is usually made in the double layered boxes. The external layer of the custom coffee boxes is made with the food grade cardboard while the internal layer is made with the metal foil paper or the synthetic material sheet.

Custom coffee packaging is printed, artistically, beautifully and attractively to give the pleasing impression upon the buyers and the users of the coffee. For the printing of the coffee packaging box, the images of the raw coffee, the coffee plantation and people enjoying the aroma of the fresh and tasty coffee are used. All these printing of the images upon the coffee packaging boxes are made by applying the real life colour blends. Majority of the coffee packaging supplies are embossed, debossed or alternatively printed with the raised inks and the printing style.

As we are considered one of the leading coffee boxes makers in the printing world, we know the importance of the discounts for the coffee boxes wholesale. These bulk and the wholesale supply of the coffee boxes are made with the heavy and big discounts which converts these coffee boxes into the cheaper coffee boxes. Whole this discount along with the superior quality printing is our specialty.

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