Cigarette Boxes

To pack the cigarettes, the special type of the sleeve and drawer like cigarette boxes are used. To preserve the special aroma and fragrance of the cigarettes, cigarette box packaging is used which is made with the glazed and particularly made metal foil paper is used to make the internal layer of the cigarette boxes while the upper layer of the cigarette box is made with the soft and thin paper card.


Cigarette boxes are a classical sleeve like drawer boxes which are made as the 2 piece box with lower part of the box is applied as the tray while the upper part is used as the sleeve box. The lower part of the cigarette box packaging is used to place and pack the cigarettes and then this tray is inserted into the sleeve like box. To preserve the special aroma and the fragrance of the cigarettes, the tray like lower part of the cigarette boxes is made with the soft paper card and is covered with the foiled wrapper. The upper part of the cardboard cigarettes boxes is made with the thin, soft, light weight, high quality and glazed paper card which is specially treated with the chemicals to protect the cigarettes from the outer polluted air.

To make the cigarette boxes, the custom packaging services are employed to make and the pack the cigarettes. To increase the worth and sale value of the cigarettes, our printing services apply our best professional talent and expertise. Custom printed cigarette boxes are printed with the images of the handsome men smoking the cigarettes with style and as fashion. These images of the handsome men are printed with the real life colour blends. Most of the cigarette boxes are embossed to give some effect or at least the raised inks and colours are employed to print the images and the text upon the cigarettes boxes.

If you are willing to buy the custom cigarette boxes wholesale, our team of marketing experts will send you the customized bulk and wholesale supply scheme. Due to our rich experience in the printing services, we will provide you the maximum discounts upon the supply of the bulk and wholesale of cigarette boxes.

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