Chocolate Boxes

Being the extremely delicate and of soft nature and with the very low melting temperatures, the chocolate boxes packaging is made in the specifically designed and made boxes. To protect the chocolate from melting, the superior quality of the cardboard with the glazed nature are preferred.


Being the very delicate and soft food and eatable product, the chocolates are packed in the particularly made and designed chocolate boxes. To protect the chocolate from even the slightly higher temperatures, the heat resisting and temperature absorbing cardboard is utilized for making the cardboard chocolate boxes. These chocolate packaging boxes are made with the soft, thick, light weight and heat absorbing recycled material. Some of the chocolate manufacturers prefer the usage of the Kraft chocolate boxes for the packing and selling the Kraft paper cardboard for the purpose as this recycled cardboard is considered as the best hear absorber.

Majority of the chocolate boxes packaging are made as the flap lid styled or in the sleeve like drawer styled boxes. In most of the instances, the chocolate boxes are packed and sold in the double layered boxes. The external layer is made with the superior quality cardboard which is glazed rather laminated from both sides to save the outlook and the  shape of chocolate from adhesion while the internal layer of the cardboard is made with the grooved and ribbed cardboard to protect from the heat and humidity.

To increase the sales potential to many folds, the chocolate boxes packaging is printed with the real life colours to print the images of the chocolates and the children enjoying it. To appeal to the children or adults alike, the custom printed chocolate boxes wholesale are printed with the bright and rich colour blends.

If you are willing to get the cheap and still the custom printed chocolate boxes wholesale, feel free to call our marketing department to send you the quotation for the supply of the wholesale and bulk supplied of the chocolate boxes. We are known around the globe for the big and heavy discounts upon the bulk delivery of the boxes.

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