Chinese Food Boxes

Like all the food products, the Chinese foods are delivered in the particularly designed and made Chinese food boxes, made with the superior quality food grade cardboard. These Chines food boxes are made like the gable box style but with the handle at top to carry on the Chinese food.


Numerous Chinese food products are packed and delivered in the particularly made Chinese take out boxes but for the delivery of the different products, the different styed boxes are used. Some of the dry Chinese food can be delivered in the paper take out boxes but for the hot and freshly baked Chinese foods, the gable boxes, with the high quality and the food grade boxes are delivered. Some of the mini Chinese take out boxes are also used to deliver the small quantities of freshly made food.

To preserve the taste, freshness and the fragrance of the Chinese foods, the gable boxes are made with the high quality paper cardboard which is thick, soft, strong, glazed and still light weight to carry the hot Chinese foods to the destinations in fresh order.

For the delivery of the Chinese foods, the specially made cardboard which is food grade is applied. Though the thick and soft cardboard is the best one, the gable boxes, made with the recycled material are preferred. The main cause of the recycled cardboard is its thickness, softness and its heat absorbing capacity. The packaging services at the Chinese take away places decide at their end to apply the boxes for the type of the food. Some of the Chinese food items are packed and delivered in the specially designed and printed Chinese take out boxes which are flat and flap lid type boxes. On the other hand, some of the Chinese food products are sold in the gable boxes which, when packed, are converted into the handle at top to deliver the food and other eatables.

If you want to buy the cheap and low priced Chinese take out boxes, you may call our marketing reps to send you the quotation of the supply of the bulk and wholesale take out boxes with big and handsome discount.

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