CD Jackets

Custom CD jackets are used to pack and sell the CDs in the personalized Cd cover. Made with the paper card, custom CD jackets help keep your digital content CD’s and DVD’s for personal usage and commercial sales.  We provide custom CD jacket printing at reasonable rates with best quality and fast order processing. Contact us now for ordering custom CD jackets.


Products sellers who provide digital content written on CD’s and DVD’s need special jackets and sleeves to store their compact disks for sales purposes. The CD jackets are not only needed for storing data disks but, they are also preferred by companies for effective marketing and attracting customers by highlighting your product on shelves and sales counters of CD shops. We offer custom CD jackets made with the aim to boost sales of your digital disks by catching attention of customers. Personalized CD cover with full colour printing matching the product and business scheme are preferred by companies.

We specialize in the personalized CD cover printing due to our modern printing technology. We provide CD cover printing in various materials including the card but, if you are looking for a distinctive CD jacket, Kraft material can also be utilized. A personalized CD cover with printing of logo and the embossed product name is ideal for attracting customers. Music artists and movie companies want their custom CD jackets to have unique looks that can be obtained with adding finishing in gloss, matte and spot UV. Customers are attracted towards eye-catching designs and you can add gold or silver foil to provide sparkling shine that catches attention of eye.

Legacy Printing offers cheap CD jacket printing services in eye-catching colours and the designers make sure your jackets for CD are unique and distinctive from others. We offer CD sleeve printing in wholesale quantity and we make sure your orders of CD jackets are processed in minimum. You can obtain cheap CD jacket printing services from us at lowest rates and get them delivered in the UK.

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