Business Card Boxes

Box for the business cards is used to place the business cards in them for the instant delivery of the business cards to the customers, vendors or the other business partners. These beautifully and stylishly printed business card boxes are an integral part of the official stationary packs which are printed, particularly for usage in the corporate and branch offices.


During the public dealing, while working with hundreds of the clients and end users daily, majority of the stakeholders demand the business cards for the future contact. So, to provide the same, instantly, to the end users, these business cards are placed at the hand in the business card boxes. At demand, the readily available business card is taken and delivered to the customer. For the purpose, the business card boxes are included in the corporate stationary packs, printed for the usage in the company.

Typically, the cardboard business card boxes are made as per the designed and quality of the other stationary items. The quality and the colour specifications are applied as per other stationary items. Traditionally, the superior quality, thin, hard and still light weight cardboard is applied to make these business card boxes. But, some of the companies prefer to apply the PVC or Polymer plastic for the purpose to make the cheap business cards boxes. Synthetic material is applied to make the business card boxes in order to prolong their application life. Some of the business cards can be made as two piece box with the lid while others may be printed with flap lid design. But, majority is made in the shape of the open tray.

Commonly, the cardboard business card boxes are printed with the company profile colour with the same colour, logo, name of the company and other communication details.

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