Bowl Sleeves

When you have to cover the bowl, packed with some liquid or semi-liquid product, you may need the sleeves to cover and pack the bowl with the bowl sleeve. The custom bowl sleeve can be made with any material, but commonly, the paper card sleeves or the soft and thick cardboard can be used to cover the bowl with the sleeve.


If you are selling some liquid product or using the bowls to sell some small products in the semi liquid or solids, you may apply the custom bowl sleeve boxes for the purpose. These sleeves can be used to cover and seal the upper and open top, making the bowls safe one for the delivery and sale.

Commonly used for the packaging of the liquids, such as, honey, the pickles and so on, these bowls need the coverage sale ribbons as well. These sleeves are used to serve both the purposes; to strengthen the lid and to cover the lid to give it the strength. These are made like the simple strip of the paper which is sealed to make the sleeve like circle blend and the bowl is covered with them.

These custom sleeve packaging are commonly made with strong, glazed rather laminated, soft but still flexible paper card. For the promotion of the product, the sleeves can be printed with the images of the product, packed in the bowls, their different applications, prices and the general usage by the people. For the printing of the custom sleeve boxes, the bright, glowing and sparkling colours are normally applied, but their usage depends upon the nature of the products packed in the bowl.

If you are interested to buy the custom sleeve packaging, and still as the cheap custom sleeve boxes, tell us your bulk and wholesale requirements. So, when we will calculate the quotations for you, we will include the heavy and handsome discounts in the quotations, making the custom sleeve boxes as the cheap ones which may fall within your budget constraints.

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