Bookend Boxes

If you want to pack and sell some products with the minimum and lowest level of protection and security, the bookend boxes are used for the purpose. Made with the simple cardboard, but the walls of the bookend boxes are glued to make them the stronger ones while the simple lid can be used to cover the box in ordinary way like the books.


Typically, these custom bookend boxes are the simplest type of the boxes which are used to pack and sell those products which require the minimum level of the protection and security. Made in the simple style but with the strong packaging procedures, the double walls of the bookend boxes are glued to make them much stronger to sustain the simple weight of the products.

Made with the soft, thin and light weight cardboard, these bookend boxes are used to pack and deliver the simple and light weight products, such as, the simple light weight stationary products, the paper decoration products, the paper made flowers, the small toys, the paper made games and so on. When these products are packed in such bookend boxes, the flip lid of the box covers the boxes with simple tuck at the front. The front tuck is used to give just the simple and nominal level of the locking facility.

To give the boast and to promote the products, packed in the bookend boxes, we will print the images of the products, packed in the bookend boxes, their different application in the ordinary daily life, their price, the product description and the images of people enjoying the products. For the printing of the images and the text upon the front lid and the walls of the bookend boxes, we apply the bright, sharp, shining, sparkling and the glowing colour blends. Embossing or debossing are also widely applied.

If you are willing to get the bulk and wholesale supplies of the bookend boxes for your products, we will provide the same at the lowest and minimum price as we will calculate the prices after deducting the discounts from the price which will make the boxes the cheapest ones.

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