Auto Bottom Tray

The auto bottom trays are used to place and display the products which need their presentation for the sale. These trays are made in such a style that when they are opened, their bottom is locked, automatically, preventing the products, placed in the trays, from falling down.


In the shopping malls and retail store, there are many products which require their presentation before the clients to sell these products. The small products which need their presentation are; the small jewelry items, the food products, the small cosmetic products, the candies and so on.

These small auto bottom boxes are made with the refined quality cardboard which is thick, soft, light weight, glazed rather laminated. These are designed in such a mechanism that when these are opened, they lock themselves at the bottom, converting them into a strong tray. Some of the trays are made with the double walls as well.

Custom auto bottom trays are made with the high quality white, colored or multi-colored paper card. Most of the trays are made with the double walls in order to facilitate the lifting of the trays. These trays are printed with the images of the products, placed and offered for sale. The rich, bright and dense color blends are applied for the purpose.

If the custom auto bottom trays are to be used for the display of the food products, the food grade cardboard with the glazed surface is used. Most of the bakers use such trays for the display of the products in the show cases, racks or at the counters.

If you seeking the auto bottom trays for your products, you must inform us about your requirements and the specifications for the supply of bulk and wholesale trays. Then we will calculate and send you the rates after calculations with the big and heavy discounts. The big discounts will convert these trays into the cheap and low priced product but still with the high quality.

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