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As it is not possible to protect all sorts of the garments or the apparels from the various environmental hazards, the apparels and garments are packed and sold in the apparel packaging boxes. These custom apparel boxes are made with the superior quality cardboard which is beautifully printed with images of products and the person wearing these apparels.


Depending upon the environment of the town, almost all the apparels and garments for the children, women and male of all ages or income groups are sold in the apparel boxes. Custom apparel packaging is typically made with the cardboard of light weight, thin and soft which is wet and humidity proof in nature. The custom apparel boxes are made in the different sizes and shapes. Some of the high class and superior apparel packaging boxes are made with the clear and transparent UV Vinyl plastic to protect the apparels, packed in them, and also to make the display and inspection safe for the quality of the garments.

To make the garments and the apparels eye-catching and gorgeous, these boxes are crafted as the printed apparel boxes. These apparel boxes are printed with the images of the garments, packed in the custom apparel boxes, and the images of the children, male or female who are wearing and enjoying them.

For the printing of the children or the women garments, the apparel boxes are printed with the superior colour blends which are bright, sparkling, dazzling, gorgeous and glowing in nature. But, due to the specific nature of the men and boys, the CMYK basic colours are applied to print the apparel boxes for the gents.

If you are approaching us for the cheap and low priced wholesale apparel boxes, you are at the right place. As we are known around the globe for the bulk and apparel boxes wholesale, we are also known for the big and remarkable discounts along with the high quality printing tasks. When you have entered into contract with us, we will make whole the printing task a customized one as we will seek your prior approval before any finalization of your printing. In addition, we will also ensure the supply of the printed wholesale apparel boxes at the stipulated date and schedule.

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