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Some of the products typically don’t need the packaging or the boxes to sell but the marketers still prefer these products to pack and sell in the advertising boxes to sell. They pack and sell these products in custom advertising box just for the sack of the advertising and promotion. Printing services, performed for these advertising boxes, are of specific nature where custom advertising box plays the pivotal role.


For the promotion and advertising of some of the products, these products are packed and sold in the advertising boxes packaging which plays the role of the promotion for these products. When these products are packed in the printed custom advertising box and are displayed in the counter or the show case of the shopping malls, this beautifully printed custom advertising box attracts the attention of the customers, hence supporting in the sale of the products.

The application of the advertising boxes for the sake of the promotion depends upon the nature of the products. If the product falls in the category of the products which are sold over the counter after seeing their shape, colour or the quality, they need the special efforts by the advertisers to make these products eye-catching ones. The only method to make them eye-catching is to pack them in the boxes which are themselves eye-catching.

So, the advertising boxes are particularly made gorgeous and stylish in order to make them the centre of the attention of the customers. For the purpose, these advertising boxes are made with the high quality cardboard which is thin, soft and light weight cardboard. Majority of the advertising boxes packaging is made with the window cut to display the product, packed in the box, or whole the box is made as display box which is made with the clear and transparent PVC of Polymer plastic. The boxes made with the cardboard or the plastic, are printed with the bright, dazzling, sparkling and the glowing colour blends in  order to attract the attention of the store visitors.

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