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Coffee Boxes are Finest Boxes, ever made for Any Food Product.

Like all the food products, the coffee boxes packaging is made with the special type of the cardboard which is soft, moldable, light weight and thin in nature. To follow the strict compliance of the Food & Drug Authority’s instructions, the specially made food grade cardboard is applied to make the coffee boxes.

Typically, the coffee boxes are made with the double layered cardboard. The upper or outer layer is made with the commonly applied food grade cardboard. As the coffee is exposed to the large number of external hazards, such as, the dust, dirt, smoke, different industrial fumes, humidity, heat and many other environmental hazards, the inner layer of the coffee boxes is made with the metal or plastic foil cardboard to protect the packed coffee from all the external hazards.

The coffee boxes are commonly made as the flip lid styled box. Typically, the coffee lies in the category of the products which are sold over the counter after their proper display and marketing. This is why the coffee boxes are made with the colored, white, textured, self-designed or multi-colored cardboard of superior quality.

To make the coffee more and more popular, attractive and eye-catching, the coffee boxes are printed with the very attractive images of the coffee plants, the people enjoying the coffee and the different crockery products, used to enjoy coffee. For the printing of the images or human faces and the other organic things, the images upon the coffee boxes are printed with the real life or CMYK basic color schemes. For the printing of the other images or designs, the bright, sharp, sparkling or glowing color blends are applied. Embossing or debossing is also commonly applied to increase the touch of the hand effects in the images.

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