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Chocolate Boxes are made with Double Layered Cardboard.

Chocolates are considered as the most popular and hot popular eating product. Due to the very delicate and meltable nature of the chocolates, particularly designed and made boxes are used to protect the chocolates from the scorching heats of the summers. As the cardboard is treated as the best and most appropriate material to resist and prevent heat, the almost all the chocolate boxes are made with the double layers of lightweight, soft, glazed and food grade cardboard or paper card.

The upper part of the chocolate boxes are made with the exceptionally soft, glazed, thin and moldable paper card material. These soft and preferably the wetness proof thin cardboard can be printed, beautifully, rather gorgeously, with the images of the chocolates packed inside the box, the other chocolate pieces, the sweets and many other types & designs of candies. For the printing of attractive and eye-catching images, more and more charming, sparkling and glowing colors are applied in order to make the packed chocolates the center of attention of the buyers in the gift shops, shopping malls, the street corners retail outlets or the sweet corners.

The inner layer of the chocolate boxes are made with the soft, thick, ribbed or grooved cardboard which may be recycled as well. This ribbed or grooved cardboard is the best type of cardboard which is used to resist or control the heats from reaching the packed chocolates. Then, the inner layer is used as the drawer like mechanism to place and pack the chocolates and insert them into the outer layer which is then sold. Some of the companies provide the additional layer of metal or plastic sheet to protect the packed chocolates from the glaze of the cardboard.

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