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Specially Made Chinese Food Boxes are Used to preserve Taste and fragrance of Food.

As the major problem of the Chinese food caterers and restaurants has been to pack and deliver the Chinese foods in hot and fresh form, the specially designed and made boxes are used to deliver the Chinese foods. As the cardboard is considered as the best and most reliable material to resist heat, humidity, dust, dirt, chemical fumes and even the other environmental hazards, most of the Chinese food boxes are made with the cardboard. To preserve the hotness, freshness, and fragrance of the Chinese foods, these boxes are packed and delivered in the particularly made boxes with the food grade cardboard. Some of the Chinese food retailers prefer to use the thick, soft and recycled grooved cardboard to make the food as these are best heat preventers and resisters.

Most of the Chinese food boxes are made like the gable boxes with handles on top. Then the products foods are packed in them, they adopt the shape of the traditional bags and the top is changed into the handles like shape. Some of the Chinese food boxes are made with the handles which are made with the cotton or other synthetic materials. Most of the gable boxes are made with the brown Kraft paper card material.

To increase the looking worth and the lucrative worth in these Chinese food boxes, these food boxes are painted with the images of popular Chinese foods, dishes, and stakes. For the printing of the food and other eatable Chinese products, real life colors are commonly applied. In some cases, the CMYK basic colors are also applied to print the images of foods and other organic products. The text or other designs are printed by applying bright and sparkling color combinations and schemes.

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