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Cake Boxes are made with Superior Quality Food Grade Cardboard.

Cakes are the products which are loved and liked most by the bakery products buyers. The most challenging task before the bakeries is to deliver the cakes in the bakery fresh baked form. But, the cake boxes, made with the superior quality and strong food grade cardboard, have solved the issue.

The cake boxes, made with the thin, soft and light weight food grade cardboard, are commonly made as the flip lid style. The food grade cardboard, used to make the cake boxes, is commonly white but depending upon the requirement of the bakers, the color of cardboard may be different from white as well. These cardboard boxes are commonly made with the window cut in the lid in order to display the freshly bakes cakes to enhance the hunger of the cake buyers. The windows in the cake boxes are typically covered with the thin sheet of transparent UV Vinyl plastic to protect the packed cakes from the germs and other environmental hazards, such as, the humidity, dirt, smoke, dust or other chemically infected air.

In increase the looking worth and the beauty of the cake boxes, the cake boxes are printed with the beautiful and lucrative images of the cakes and other products of the bakeries. For the printing of the food and other organic products, real life or the CMYK basic colors are used. Cake boxes are made as per the demand and size of the cakes.

If you are willing to get the cheap and low priced cake boxes, you have reached at the right place. Just attend to the call from our marketing team and inform them about your specification requirements. Then they will instantly provide with the quotation for the high quality and still low priced cake boxes.

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